Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Laundry room in McKinney,TX

This home in Mc Kinney, TX had a pipe leak that caused the laundry room to get filled with standing water. Standing water can cause a lot of problems if left un... READ MORE

Burst Pipe damage in McKinney, TX

This house in Mc Kinney, TX had a burst pipe in the kitchen that caused some flooding through-out the house. As you can see there was sitting water on the floor... READ MORE

Roof Leak in McKinney, TX

Roof leaks are very common and unfortunately can cause a lot of stress and damage to a home. We got into this home and found that the water had been leaking dow... READ MORE

Attic Water Heater in Anna, TX

This couple in Anna, TX, called us when the hot water heater located in their attic above the kitchen had a pipe burst and flood their kitchen. Burst hot water ... READ MORE

Flooded House in Princeton, TX

This flood was the result of a broken pipe in the attic. There was a tremendous amount of water throughout the entire house since the homeowner was out of town ... READ MORE

Water Damaged Living Room in McKinney, TX

This house was sitting vacant while in the process of being sold. The home had not been shown in several weeks and during that time there was a severe thunderst... READ MORE