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Water Damage Restoration

6/15/2020 (Permalink)

water damage, wylie water damage, wylie water Injectadry mats were placed in a client's home to protect the faces of her hardwood flooring and rapid dry.

Now that businesses are beginning to open their doors, the possibility of water damage is much more prevalent. Old pipes that have been sitting dormant during the stay in home order may now be susceptible to leaks. When water damage is present, it spreads quickly, heightening the chances of mold growth and damage to your business or home. It is crucial that the affected areas are properly mitigated as rapidly as possible, and at SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville, we have our service professionals ready 24/7.

What is water damage? Water damage is any harm that is caused by water, which includes flooding, leaks, pipe bursts, appliance malfunctions and many more. Not only can the water ruin your carpets, ceiling, and furniture, but it can also destroy precious family possessions, important documents, and irreplaceable personal items. At SERVPRO Northeast Collin County/Greenville, we understand how important it is to protect your personal belongings and documents, and we will set an immediate plan of action to remove or protect your items, while our highly trained and certified experts mitigate the affected areas to prevent further damage or mold development.

We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville is a team of certified water technician specialists with the proper equipment and training to handle your needs. Our experts will assess the damage, extract and mitigate the water damage and develop a drying plan to make water damage in your home or business “Like it never even happened.” We will keep you updated every step of the way so you can feel confident after disaster strikes.

About SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville

SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Call SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville 24/7 at (972) 548-6044. We service Anna, Caddo Mills, Celeste, Commerce, Fairview, Farmersville, Greenville, Lavon, Lucas, McKinney, Murphy, Parker, Princeton and Wylie.

Commercial Restoration in Greenville, TX

6/15/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Our highly qualified and certified team is mitigated water damage that occurred to a commercial property in Greenville, Texas

Commercial Restoration services in Greenville, TX

Flooding and Water Damage events at Greenville commercial properties can often be elaborate with many issues that require rapid response. Whether we are dealing with a proportionately small water damage cleanup situation or a large scale event, our highly certified team of professionals work quickly to assess each unique situation to isolate the damaged area. In may situations the damaged area can be isolated so normal operations can continue in a temporary space.

Our service professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental involvement. We understand that every hour spent restoring water damage to your commercial location in another hour of lost productivity and revenue, so we work rapidly and expeditiously to get your business back up and running “Like it never even happened.” If an emergency situation arises in your Greenville, Texas business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need!

About SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville

SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property in Greenville, Texas after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Have Questions about Commercial/Residential Water Damage? Call SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/GreenvilleToday! 972-548-6044

Response During the Shutdown

6/15/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded Hallway with Drying Equipment Commercial Damage Response During the Shutdown


The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us one way or another.  For commercial entities, the resulting shutdown has been especially detrimental, due to the lack of human oversite.  Employees were required, by the shelter in place order, to stay home leaving businesses and commercial properties empty and vulnerable.  For one north Collin County commercial building this exasperated an unfortunate event.  A water pipe burst in the large commercial building resulting in the unfortunate flooding of two levels of suites and shops. SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville received the call for help at 10:30pm.  We rushed to the scene and worked tirelessly through the night and the next day to stop and mitigate the water damage.

Room by room, suite by suite, office by office, SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville did what was necessary to mitigate further water damage.  We followed specific water mitigation procedures.  Our systematic approach, to water damage cleanup and mitigation, allows SERVPRO to efficiently address the situation regardless of its unique intricacies.   Immediately after the accident occurred, the water damage had started.  To limit this damage, we had to make sure the source of the water problem had been eliminated, corrected, or stopped.  We then proceeded to make sure any affected areas were dried promptly and completely.  The SERVPRO team used only specialized approved equipment in the affected areas, that force in dry air.  This quick decisive action lowered the humidity of the damaged areas and prevented the damage from spreading reducing the chances of mold appearing.  Every water damage situation is different.  We took the step of evaluating the damage and contamination to determine its extent and design a repair plan specifically for the unique situation.  We took pictures of the damage to provide to the insurance company and then began the mitigation process.    During our examination, we looked for structural damage and other severe problems.

During this time of decreased human presence, we recommend, if no one is present inside your commercial building, to have a person(s) assigned for periodic checks and property walks.

Remember, SERVPRO of North Collin County/Greenville is always here to help, day or night if you experience water damage or flooding in your business or home.

Fire Damage

6/15/2020 (Permalink)

Fire, Smoke and Soot Damaged Bedroom Fire damaged bedroom takes on heavy smoke and soot damage

A backdraft of emotions often sweep over the owners after a fire ravages a home or business. Fear, uncertainty, stress and doubt about the future of the property can overwhelm the owner long after the flames have been extinguished and the smoke has cleared.

So, after the first wave of heroes have rescued the property, call SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville to help you restore it. With the industry approved training to employ rapid response, the utmost professionalism, cutting-edge technology and open communication, we strive to restore not only the home or business, but the customer’s peace of mind, as well.

Putting out a fire can be worse that the fire itself.

The first 48 hours after a fire damage can make the difference between restoring versus replacing your property and personal belongings. SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville’s quick response can help prevent fire damage from creating long-term problems. SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville will provide timely response with mitigation services ranging from fire, smoke and soot removal to contents claims inventory and document restoration. These services help ensure your property, belongings and memories are restored to preloss condition when possible.

What you can do until help arrives:

  • Limit movement in the home or business to prevent soot particles from spreading and additional damage from occurring.
  • Place clean towels or old linens on rugs and high traffic areas and upholstery.
  • Coat chrome faucets, trim and appliances with petroleum jelly or oil.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpet.
  • Do not wash any walls or painted surfaces.
  • Do not shampoo carpet or upholstery.
  • Do not clean any electrical equipment.

Do not send clothing to a dry cleaner, since improper cleaning may set smoke odor.                   

So, before you risk doing further damage by attempting to clean up the damage yourself, call the fire damage cleanup and restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville we are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to help you regain your property.

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting for Gyms

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

The Crew Ready to Clean a Gym SERVPRO team ready to clean and disinfect the gyms of Workout Anytime in Princeton, TX and Anna, TX.

SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville plays a vital role in protecting public health and safety. 

When dangerous toxins or pathogens, such as microbes and viruses contaminate a structure, we have cleaning products approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to clean, disinfect and restore your property.  

Our technicians are trained and certified in the use of the proper products and personal protective equipment that enables them to safely clean, disinfect and restore your home or business. 

SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville partnered with the owner of Workout Anytime at his Princeton, TX and Anna, TX locations to get his gyms ready for reopening. Offering our cleaning services before reopening, gives his clients the confidence in knowing that his gyms are certified cleaned of all toxins or pathogens. 

As providers of essential services, SERVPRO of Notheast Collin County/Greenville is prepared to address the most pressing disaster restoration, cleanup, and disinfection issues facing our customers, whether it involves emergency mitigation and recovery, or cleaning and disinfecting homes, schools, healthcare and quarantine facilities, public insitutions, and businesses. 

We are always here for you in your time of need. 

Water damage by flooding, a ruptured pipe or ice dam can impact your Collin County business in several ways.

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

Retail suites with water damage and equipment SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville has state of the art equipment to remove water, moisture and deodorize your commercial property.

Standing water can cause loss of equipment, and disruption of your business requires swift immediate action of professionals. Connect with a restoration firm that has a trained team to assess your needs and offer solutions to restore your commercial property and curb your losses. 

Each water damage event is unique, whether you have a small contained water clean-up or a large natural disaster flood.  We will work to contain, mitigate and isolate the damage. 

Water contributes to excessive moisture that is absorbed into drywall, ceiling tiles, carpets, draperies. This creates a secondary damage that can dramatically increase your damage claims. 

We have state of the art equipment to remove water, moisture and deodorize your facility. 

Why is it imperative to act quickly?

  • Remove moisture to eliminate MOLD spores to colonize
  • Remove moisture to prevent hardwood floor damage
  • Moisture causes drywall and ceiling tiles to buckle
  • Vinyl or carpet tiles loosen 

SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville has state of the art equipment to remove water, moisture and deodorize your commercial property. The right tool for the job is vital and our trained professionals understand the importance of drying the property thoroughly and effectively.  

From psychometric which include moisture sensors, moisture meters and thermohygrometers to dehumidifiers and odor enhancing thermal foggers.  We work neatly and efficiently to have you back in your property and back in control. 

The ability to mobilize equipment is a crucial aspect of restoring a commercial business. Let SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville be your partner when disaster strikes.  Call us at 972-548-6044.

Flood and Rain in Greenville and other Northeast Collin County Cities

4/27/2020 (Permalink)

Rain water buildup in grass This storm flooded a customers yard and leaked into their home through the slab.

April Showers

As the rain showers set in, the concern for flooding arises. If flood water is not handled quickly and properly, it can jeopardize your health and safety, and cause severe damage to your home’s structure. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse the problem will get.

There are a few tips for homeowners and business owners can do to prevent water damage.

  • Inspect your roof regularly, especially after heavy storms. Look for missing or loose shingles or any heavy wear.
  • You will want to clean your gutters to ensure proper drainage. By being proactive in cleaning your gutters, you can prevent your foundation from cracking your basement walls.
  • Check your sump pump yearly, and most importantly after heavy thunderstorms.
  • Regularly check your pipes to make sure there are no leaks.
  • Extra tip: Keep an eye on your water bill. If you notice your bill increasing, that could be a cause for concern, and you would want to check it out before any more damage occurs.

If water damage does happen in your home or business, rest assured that SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville is ready to help you. We are available at any time or day, and since we’re local, we’re faster to any sized disaster!

Call us today at 972-548-6044 to see how we can help clean your home or business. 

When seconds count, being FASTER matters.

4/24/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded salon suite hall This salon suite flooded two stories from one rinsing station leak. Urgency is key.

Of all the disasters that could impact a business in North Collin County, TX, water damage is among the most common scenarios. It includes situations such as flooding, a leaking roof, a major storm, a sewage backup and more. Even seemingly innocuous clean water has a corrosive affect on materials and if left untreated can cause extensive damage. Dirty water from sewage pipes or flooding can be even more harmful and could have a deleterious effect on human health. In all instances, the services of a local water mitigation company are invaluable.

The Importance of a Fast Response

The saying "Faster to Any Size Disaster" defines our team and exemplifies the urgency necessary in an emergency. A rapid response that brings trained technicians to the site in less than four hours is the best way to limit damage caused by water. Some or all of the following steps may be needed to take care of the situation:

  • Inspection and damage assessment
  • Board-up or tarp services for security and to prevent further damage
  • Water removal or extraction
  • Mold remediation
  • Professional drying
  • Cleaning and sanitizing

Water can damage materials in as little as two days. The growth of mold can begin in a similar time frame and begin to spread into damp areas of the building. If broken pipes cause raw sewage to be present, this requires the removal of the dirty water to protect human health.

The Value of a Comprehensive Water Cleanup

To return the commercial property to its original condition, all steps in the cleanup process must be completed. Water damage can continue to produce negative effects if moisture remains behind walls and under floors. Odors can remain if the cleaning and sanitizing treatments did not follow the standards in place for professional restoration. It is especially important to remain vigilant concerning mold growth. A comprehensive and professional cleanup ensures the building is safe for workers and employees.

Call SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville today at 972-548-6044

Commercial Services in Collin County

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles in front of a commercial property in Allen, TX This Salon/Shopping center flooded and required over 200 pieces of equipment and demolition to properly mitigate and dry the affected areas.

Flooding and water damage events in Collin County commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

We service all commercial properties in Princeton, Wylie, Murphy, Anna, Greenville, Commerce, Lucas, Fairview, Parker, Celeste, Farmersville, Melissa, Lavon, Caddo Mills and other surrounding areas in Northeast Collin County.

Call us today at 972-548-6044 with your commercial needs.

Our restoration process for water, fire, mold and cleaning

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville Van in Murphy TX We travel all across Northeast Collin County and Greenville to service our customers!

When you experience a damage to your home, be sure the team you call in knows their stuff! SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville is highly trained and follows strict industry guide lines and we go through, this 6 step process to make your water loss, "Like it never even happened."


Emergency contact: Call SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville 972-548-6044

The restoration process begins when you call us. SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville is available 24 hours a day for water emergencies, large or small. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. Even a delay of a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage.

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO Professionals may be needed.


INSPECTION & WATER DAMAGE ASSESSMENT:  When responding to a water damage emergency, we begin with a detailed inspection of your home or property, including a damage assessment. At this stage, our professionals are trying to determine the scope of the damage so that we can develop an appropriate plan of action.


WATER REMOVAL/ WATER EXTRACTION: After the inspection and damage assessment step, the water extraction process begins. This step removes the majority of the water. We use powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your property.


DRYING & DEHUMIDIFICATION: Once the excess water has been removed, the floors and walls may appear dry, but a quick inspection will reveal they are wet to the touch. Nearly all building materials, like wood, drywall, and flooring materials, are porous and therefore retain water. This retained water can cause the materials to break down, warp, or cause mold damage.


CLEANING & SANITIZING: Your walls, flooring, and ceiling will most likely require professional cleaning services. In addition to cleaning your property’s structure, we will clean your furniture, upholstery, clothing, and other restorable belongings damaged by the water. Most flooding and water damage also require professional odor removal and deodorization since wet materials have a very distinct odor.


RESTORATION: The final step, is the process of restoring your home or business to its pre-water damage condition. Restoration may involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall and installing new carpet, or may entail major repairs, such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home or business.

Call SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville 972-548-6044 for all your Cleanup & Restoration needs.