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3/11/2021 (Permalink)

Princeton Commercial Water Restoration

Water damage is a bird of a different feather.  It can result in damages to commercial properties, in Princeton, that are seen and unseen.  One thing water restoration is its complicated.   If you are confused as to the steps and actions you should take to restore your commercial property to its previous state, then you are not alone.  Do not try to do the restoration yourself.

SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County / Greenville is ready to provide the assistance you need every step of the way. 

We have pulled together information aimed at increasing your water restoration knowledge.  We want you to know what to do before the unthinkable happens.  Mother Nature is unforgiving.  For water restoration in Princeton, contact SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County / Greenville!  (972)548-6044

Severe damage from water can occur in a matter of seconds and increases in severity every minute.  Situations like this require experienced water restoration experts.  If not discovered early, smaller, less visible leaks can do a lot of damage. 

Princeton commercial property owners should contact SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County / Greenville as soon as possible when water intrusion is discovered especially when discovered in an area where water is not normally seen.

Every water remediation process, in Princeton, begins with an assessment and estimate.  The process continues through the entire process, from mitigation to restoration.

Water Restoration and Remediation – Princeton

The water restoration process, or remediation, is described as the extraction of standing water, cleaning of the distressed area, and either drying or removing water-soaked building materials and contents.  Building materials, if damp, may require removal.  The level of damage does not affect the necessary steps in the water restoration process.  Water restoration begins with the assistance of trained professionals engaged in the protection against mold and other water-related damage.  Our team of professionals has unfettered access to pumps for extracting large amounts of water and debris, as well as a full range of exceptional cleaning and drying equipment.

Common Damage Caused by Water

Princeton commercial businesses finding themselves in a situation necessitating water restoration service, need to know the primary causes of water damage.  The primary three common causes of water damage include damaged roofing, faulty plumbing fixtures, or broken appliances.  Damaged roofing could be the result of hail or high winds, in Princeton, which is quite common during the spring.  Water damage severity has been broken down into three categories defined by the level of contamination.

  • Category One: water damage results when clean water leaks from a broken pipe or supply line.
  • Category Two: damage involves contaminated, non-potable gray water from a broken appliance, bath, shower, toilet, or roof that may contain chemicals and microbes.
  • Category Three: incidents involve highly contaminated floodwater or sewer backups that may contain solid waste.

Signs You Need Princeton Commercial Water Restoration

Have you spotted pooling or puddling water?  Pooling or puddling water is a visible sign of ongoing water damage.  Is there the smell of a musty odor?  This smell may suggest a hidden structural leak is causing mold to flourish behind walls. This is precisely why water damage has the potential to be dangerous.  Standing water presents health and safety risks.  The immediate threat by standing water is the potential risk of slip and fall.  Not to say the least, if it is not discovered right away, it can be the ideal environment for potentially harmful bacteria and fungi to multiply and spread.  These safety reasons are why hiring SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County / Greenville is extremely important.

Princeton Water Restoration

After discussing the negatives of water damage and why Princeton water restoration is necessary, what precautions, as a home or business owner, can you take?

  • Be aware of the age of plumbing and the materials.  Perform regular inspections of pipes and appliances
  • Check the condition of your roof after high winds or storms
  • Stay aware of apparent signs of water damage

What to do if you have a Water Restoration Emergency in Princeton? call (972)548-6044

Princeton Water Restoration Process

The water restoration process, in Princeton, is the same for all our customers.  You can expect the process to consist of six steps. 

  1. Emergency Contact
  2. Inspection and Damage Assessment
  3. Water Removal/Water Extraction
  4. Drying and Dehumidification
  5. Cleaning and Repair
  6. Restoration

Remember, before attempting to clean, repair or remove any wet building materials or contents, you should thoroughly document damage in photographs and videos

In the regrettable event, your Princeton home or office experiences a water emergency, it is comforting to know SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County / Greenville will respond swiftly, and our team will be onsite as quickly as possible.  Your Princeton water restoration problem can soon be placed on the road to recovery.  Call SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County / Greenville today! (972)548-6044

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