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10 Common Causes of House Fires

3/2/2018 (Permalink)

Don't let this happen to you, but if it does call your friends at SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

Home fires can happen at any time. You never know what can cause it, but here is a list of the 10 most common causes of house fires!

Cooking equipment:

Lets be honest here, we have all walked away from the stove at one point or another without double checking everything was ok. Pots and pans can over heat quickly and can cause a fire very easily when they are left unattended! Always make sure you are in the room or have someone watch over it for you!


Space heaters are need exactly what they say, SPACE! Always keep portable heaters at least one meter away from anything that can catch fire (furniture, curtains, clothing, even yourself!) Always be sure to do regular inspections on your heating equipment (fire places, central air, furnace) to make sure it is working safely.

Smoking in the house:

We aren’t saying you can’t do it, but we do suggest going outside to do it. A cigarette that is not properly put out can cause a flame, as the butt may stay lit for a few hours! If they encounter any flammable material, such as furniture or curtains, it can cause a fire. Did you know that fires started in the bedroom make up 73% of all house fire fatalities?

Electrical Equipment:

electrical appliances, such as toasters or hair straighteners, can cause a fire if faulty or left unattended. If a power point is overloaded it can also cause a fire from an overuse of electricity. An extension cord can also be a fire hazard if not used appropriately. Always double check the appliances and power sources in your home.


We are sure many would expect this to be higher up on the list, but they are still a huge cause for being such a small item. Keep candles away from any flammable material such ass books and tissue boxes. Always blow out a candle before leaving a room! Never leave them unattended!

Curious Children:

Yes, our little angels are a cause for concern when it comes to causing a fire. Children are curious about things and will cause a fire but just trying to see what happens when they burn an object! Keep all lighters and matches out of reach of children to avoid any curiosity turned disaster. Install a smoke alarm in your child’s room and practice an escape plan with your children and family incase of a fire.

Faulty wiring:

Improper wiring is an electrical hazard and a huge cause for concern! Signs of bad wiring can include 1) Lights dim when using another appliance; 2) having to disconnect another appliance to use a different appliance; 3) blown fuses or tripped circuits frequently. Have a licensed electrician come out and inspect your house or contact your landlord if you have any of the above occurrences!


barbeques are great for an outdoor meal, but should always be used away from the home, tablecloths or any plants and tree branches. Regularly maintain your barbeque station and clean with soapy water! Check the propane bottle for any leaks before every use!

Flammable liquids:

If a bottle on a product says FLAMMABLE keep it away from all heat sources! Be sure to check the label carefully and always use caution when pouring the liquids!


Lamp shades and light fittings can build up heat if they are close to the light globes. Check around the house to make sure they are not getting too hot! Lamp bases also become a hazard if they are easily knocked over. Make sure lights are insulated properly from wood paneling or ceiling timbers.

If a disaster happens and a fire does break out, please don’t hesitate to call your friends at SERVPRO of Northeast Collin County/Greenville to help clean up the mess! We strive to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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